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What should you see in Dubai?

People say that you can either love or hate Dubai. Yet, of course, this several decades old city in reality makes a monumental impression. Dubai is the…

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Top things to see in Dalmatia

It takes just a moment to fall in love with Croatia, especially in central Dalmatia. This country is not just endless sea or a long coast where you can spend…

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6 reasons why you should fly to Malta

The Maltese sun shines the entire 300 days a year, revealing the beauty of the island’s monuments, harbours and enchanting bays to us. Are you dreaming…

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Summer cuisine

Dishes to try on your summer holiday

Wherever we go on holiday, we plan to do some sightseeing. Famous places, monuments, museums or galleries – that is obvious. However, it is a good idea…

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Los Angeles

Top things to see in Los Angeles

Los Angeles – the second largest city in the United States in terms of population, one of the most popular places in California and one of the most…

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Summer holidays in Thailand with children – how to organise them

‘This is crazy!’ – how many times have you heard this when planning a trip with your child to the other side of the world? Family holidays…

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Milan in two days – what to see

I went to Milan in mid-December with my youngest sister. This was my first girls-only trip and the first one I organised from A to Z. We spent two days in…

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Buongiorno, Roma! What should you see in Rome?

It’s the end of my great Italian vacation. Two weeks spent in Italy in August passed by in the blink of an eye. First a week in the south of Italy – on the…

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