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Euro 2020: a Guide to Host Cities

The football fever is about to start on June 12. Twenty-four teams will enter the battle for the title of the best representation of the Old Continent.…

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A trip for two: the most romantic European cities

Our generation is extremely lucky to have travel opportunities at hand. We can fly here and there, even as a hobby, visit new places and share experiences…

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Destination Thailand. Things you should know and what to pack for your first trip to Asia

The most recommended country for those who want to organise their first trip to south – eastern Asia without assistance of travelling bureau is Thailand.…

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Chicago – a windy city with a Polish accent

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, a centre of transport and business, located on Lake Michigan, with a delightful panorama of…

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Greek delicacies and traditional specialties

Greece attracts with its Mediterranean landscapes, steady pace of life and marvellous cuisine which is regarded to be one of the tastiest in the world. How…

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Turku – the birthplace of Finnish history

The oldest Finnish city is a place with a historic soul. The mixture of Swedish and Russian influences, visible in, among others, the architectural style,…

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What should you see in Dubai?

People say that you can either love or hate Dubai. Yet, of course, this several decades old city in reality makes a monumental impression. Dubai is the…

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Top things to see in Dalmatia

It takes just a moment to fall in love with Croatia, especially in central Dalmatia. This country is not just endless sea or a long coast where you can spend…

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