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The most fashionable city in Europe, associated with the climatic streets, La Rambla and the amazing city beaches. However, Barcelona is also a symbol of Catalonia and its inhabitants, who are known for their pride of being independent, their own language and customs. By the way, it’salso a city with manycontrasts.

The capital of Catalonia is a perfect place for lovers of interesting combinations – on the one hand, Camp Nou and one of the most famous football companies in Europe, on the other – amazing objects designed by Gaudi. Beautiful beaches and tourists, and near the car factory. These contrasts make Barcelona a real dynamic metropolis.

The greatest attractions of Barcelona

Güell Park


Camp Nou


What can you find in the city?

In Barcelona there is the big Tibidabo entertainment park with impressive roller coaster, carousels and a zone of attractions for the whole family. If you don’t have enough time to spend the whole day in the park, it’s worth using the Funicular Tibidabo funicular – fantastic views guaranteed! The cost of a trip: EUR 7,7 per adult person.

Barcelona is the perfect place for history enthusiasts. You can visit the Monestir de Pedralbes – a Gothic monastery founded in the 14th century, commissioned by King James II of Aragon. In the museum near the monastery, there are works of sacred art and everyday objects of nuns who lived in the monastery. The garden in the courtyard, with large cypresses and palm trees, is the perfect place to relax from the noise and crowds of the metropolis.


Funicular Tibidabo

COST: 7,7€

Monestir de Pedralbes

COST: 5€

Attractions in the region

Barcelona is not only related to great monuments and delicious food but also beautiful beaches and stunning views. The Barceloneta beach is the most popular, however, this place is very crowded in the summer. If you are looking for a better place to relax, the beach of Bogatell or Ocata will be perfect for you. It is located about 20 km from the city centre, in the village of El Masnou.

Montjuïc Park is another interesting place in Barcelona. You can get there by the Funicular de Montjuic and then the cable car Teleferic de Montjuïc. You can watch the amazing panorama of the city from the hill, 173 m above sea level. There are also many attractions there, including Castell de Montjuic, fountain complex Font Magica, Olympic Stadium, Spanish village and Museu National d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC).




Montjuïc Park



Catalonia is a very diversified region. It’s also associated with the traditional Catalan cuisine, which dates back to the fifteenth century. You will definitely fall in love with the Mediterranean richness of flavours of this part of Spain (and forget about counting calories). You can taste fresh vegetables, olives, the best quality olive oil, fish and seafood straight from the catch, regional cheese and wine.

It’s difficult to imagine a Catalan cuisine without such specialities as pepper chorizo sausage, long-maturing “JamonIbérico” ham and dried Fuet sausage. All these delicacies, decorated with fresh herbs, tomatoes and olives, are served in the form of tapas, or small snack with a local drink, in particular, a sparkling “cava” wine.

What should you try?

First of all, “Paelli”, a traditional Iberian dish of rice and meat seasoned with saffron. You should also try “Faves a la catalana” – a meat stew with boletus mushrooms. “Sarsuela de peix” is a mixture of fish, seafood, sauté sauce and Picad, served in a clay pot. For dessert, you must try “Crema catalana” – pudding with a touch of lemon and cinnamon.



a mixture of rice and meat seasoned with saffron

Faves a la catalana

meat stew with boletus

Sarsuela de peix

goulash from fish and seafood

Crema Catalana

dessert made of milk, lemon, egg yolks and cinnamon, covered with a layer of caramelized sugar

Where to visit?

You should definitely visit the Catalan the Viana restaurant at Carrer del Vidre 7. You can taste great tapas in the Bodega Biarritz at Nou de San Francesc 7. For an evening cocktail, it’s worth visiting Gurú Food & Cocktails in the city center. During a hot day, visit the Manna Gelats – one of the best ice cream shops in Barcelona.


Bodega Biarritz

TAPAS: 2-4€


DINNER: 16-25€


The capital of Catalonia is located the Mediterranean subtropical climate zone, with hot summers and mild winters. The air temperature in the whole summer season is between 25-31° C, and the Barcelona winter is mild, with an average temperature of 14° C. The warmest month of the year is August. Then the water temperature exceeds 25° C.



15°/ 9°

Average temperature day/night



29°/ 23°

Average temperature day/night


in the year

21°/ 15°

Average temperature day/night

When is the best time to fly to Barcelona?

In Barcelona, there are many prestigious cultural and sports events every year, including the Primavera Sound Festival and football matches at the Camp Nou stadium. If you want to avoid crowds of tourists on the streets and long hours of waiting in the queues, let’s plan a trip at the beginning of spring, autumn or winter.

Barcelona is around
6100 km from New York.
The flight is 7 hours and 10 minutes

Barcelona is around
1100 km from London.
The flight is 2 hours

Barcelona is around
1500 km from Berlin.
The flight is 2 hours and 30 minutes

How to get from the airports to the city centre?

There are several airports in Barcelona, including the largest airport in Catalonia: Barcelona El Prat, about 15 km from the center of the metropolis. The airport serves over 45 million passengers each year. There is a large shopping center, many restaurants, luggage storage and car rental companies.
It’s the second largest airport in Spain. From the El Prat airport to the city center you can get by buses: 46, L77, PR1 and L99. On the Barcelona El Prat – Plaza Catalunya route there are also Air buses and night buses. There is also the metro line L9 and the railway (line R2 Rodalies). A taxi ride to the center of Barcelona costs EUR 25-30. The journey by car takes about 20-40 minutes.


El Prat

15 km

From the city centre



4,5€ (45 min)


4€ (20 min)



90 km

From the city centre



16€ (75 min)


16€ (40 min)

How to get around Barcelona?

TMB (Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona) is responsible for public transport in Barcelona. It is related to metro, buses, trams, trains and railways. Travelers have a choice between single tickets (about EUR 2.15) and T10 ticket entitling to 10 trips (about EUR 9.95). You should consider buying a Barcelona Card that guarantees free travel and admission to many of the city’s attractions (price: from EUR 42).

Renting a car in Barcelona is definitely an attractive option if you plan to visit further corners of Catalonia and Costa Brava. However, driving a car through the metropolitan center may take a lot of time and you should be prepared for the lack of sufficient parking spaces for visitors.

Prices in the city

Fashion costs a lot! That is why a trip to Barcelona, one of the most fashionable places in Europe, can cost a lot of money. If you plan to stay in Barcelona and don’t to spend too much, you should focus on finding accommodation at a reasonable price. The same applies to food and basic products – their prices remain at the upper limit of the average for Western European metropolises.







Lunch at the restaurant


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